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What We Can Do For You

If you are not in the Bay Area to receive our on-site service and are not familiar with "Punch-Down" tools and 66-blocks or 110-blocks for terminating telephone wires, Driskill Communications can provide you with systems that can be installed using long modular phone cords.

If the modular cord solution is not practical, we can provide you with any cable and/or jacks, a punch-down tool, a cable tester and/or detailed cabling instructions so you can have a local electrician install the cable and jacks and all you have to do is plug the modular cords from the system patch panel to the wiring patch panel and then connect each phone where it belongs in the office.

We can also provide your systems with modems for remote programming. Driskill Communications offers telephone support (billable) for your installation needs. Depending on our prior commitments, telephone support may need to be scheduled.

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